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Kingdom Talk! with Terry Somerville

December 30, 2022 Mark Banyard Season 2 Episode 7
Kingdom Talk! with Terry Somerville
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Kingdom Talk!
Kingdom Talk! with Terry Somerville
Dec 30, 2022 Season 2 Episode 7
Mark Banyard

My guest today is Terry Somerville.*  Terry was first on our show back in July 2021. He will be sharing his prophetic insights with regard to this past year, 2022, as well as the year to come, 2023.

*Pastor and radio and television broadcaster, Terry has been teaching, preaching and moving prophetically for most of his adult life! Starting in pastoral ministries, he continues to minister today through Total Change Ministries as well as Spirit FM, both of which he pioneered and gives direction to.

He and his wife, Karen, currently live in Campbell River, BC, Canada.

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My guest today is Terry Somerville.*  Terry was first on our show back in July 2021. He will be sharing his prophetic insights with regard to this past year, 2022, as well as the year to come, 2023.

*Pastor and radio and television broadcaster, Terry has been teaching, preaching and moving prophetically for most of his adult life! Starting in pastoral ministries, he continues to minister today through Total Change Ministries as well as Spirit FM, both of which he pioneered and gives direction to.

He and his wife, Karen, currently live in Campbell River, BC, Canada.

Total Change Ministries
 SpiritFM 88.7

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Mark Banyard  0:09  
Welcome to Kingdom talk, the podcast where we talk all about things kingdom. I'm your host, Mark Banyard, and I'll be interviewing a variety of people who through their lives and ministries have been committed to advancing the kingdom of God, church planters, church leaders, pioneers of missions and ministries both at home as well as abroad. So let's go straight to today's episode of Kingdom talk.

My guest today is Terry Somerville. Terry was first on our show back in July of 2021. I've asked him to join us once again to share with us some of his prophetic understanding to this past year as well as what's ahead in 2023. Terry Somerville Welcome back to the show.

Terry Somerville  1:10  
Hey, thank you, Mark, good to connect with you again.

Mark Banyard  1:13  
Well, you're welcome, and I'm really looking forward to our conversation today. Terry, today I'm wanting to talk about this past year 2022, just about what you sense, in particular, what God's been doing what God's been saying, as well as what are your senses about the year to come. 2023. So, what do you have to share with us?

Terry Somerville  1:39  
You know, I've been looking at the scriptures, in Hosea where it says, Surely God does nothing but that he tells his secrets to the prophets, and about the secret things, the secret of the Lord is with those who fear him. And a lot of what goes on right now, it's easy to look at it from a natural point of view and try to analyze it and everything else. But of course, you and I both are saying, Lord, we want to know from the throne perspective what's happening and and can be seated with Christ in heavenly places right there with his throne. So in the spirit, where we're resting with him, and we want to be in a place of rest, not in the place of worry, and fear and panic and all the things that can drive us along. And I didn't actually I actually didn't go looking for it here. But back in the spring of 20, I think it was 2021. No, yes, this is 2022 (the years are all blurred) is when I had this vision of the globe. And interestingly, I saw the earth like you'd see it from the, you know, space from the Apollo or whatever. The big, beautiful looking globe, except it was completely covered with a cloud. And the cloud, I knew as I was seeing this vision was COVID. And then I see God's hand come out beside the earth, and it's bigger than the Earth itself. And he waves it back and forth like that, and the cloud blows away. And I thought, Oh, yes, God's going to take COVID away, it's going to be gone. And that was, I think, spring 21. And then, in the summer, there was a law, you remember, you know, everybody gets back outside, and the transmission slows down. I thought, okay, it's dying off, but it didn't, it took off at the Delta variant in the fall and got worse and a lot of people were surprised. And, you know, and that was, that was another big wave, which happens with these things naturally, I guess. And then all of a sudden, omicron comes on the scene, completely unexpected. And they said, it was like the best vaccine you could ever get. It's a super vaccine in terms of making the whole world's population have immunity against against COVID. And, you know, gradually over the next number of months, and this year, everybody began to stop the lock downs and all of that kind of stuff. And then I said, there it is, that's doing it. I did not I didn't understand when I had the vision that that's the way he would do it. But in keeping with all the things we know, that's gone on, and some of the plans from World Economic Forum and things they've I mean, they're pretty open about their plans for the world and what they want to do to us. They all said five to seven years for the lock downs, you know, and that would just utterly ruin our countries. And this completely reversed everything. And now of course, we're having a lot of discoveries about what's really gone on with this whole thing. And some of the clandestine background and activities and UK is doing a big investigation into the COVID vaccine adverse effects from their parliament. They're doing this European people, we're still in the dark over here in North America, that we're not getting it in our news, but European Union is investigating the criminal, it's a criminal investigation, the union's going into the behind the scenes, backdoor financial deals that went on around the vaccines and, and who knows what went on there. And on and on it goes. So it's like, it's shaken the thing down. It's almost like God has said, I'm the one who's really in charge.  You know, I have this picture in my mind of God playing 3d Chess, you know, he can move the pieces wherever he wants.  

Mark Banyard  6:02  
Now that's a really good point. But let's just talk about that for a moment. Because there are a lot of believers. There's a lot of Christians who think this is all the devil. 

Terry Somerville  6:12  
Well, well, it's something I've preached on the radio station here quite a bit, how God in bringing his kingdom uses, he uses wicked nations to bring about it, what he tends to do so you look at the story of Israel. Now Israel turned her back on God was quite more wicked than the nations. But it talks about how God raised up Babylon and Nebuchadnezzar, and Nebuchadnezzar was God's servant to accomplish God's purpose in the earth even though he's an idol worshiper.  And then the same with Sennacherib, the Assyrians, and the same later on with Cyrus and the Persians. All these stories, which are much of the Old Testament, involved pagan nations that worshipped other gods that were forbidden to the Israelites, God using them to chastise Israel even to bring Israel into captivity, and also using them to chastise each other as the nations of the earth. And to you know, so you've got Assyria comes in and conquers the northern kingdoms and then Judah is left. And Judah won't turn from her sin like when we had one or two good kings. And then you get guys like Jeremiah and these others with all their warnings of what's going to happen, they don't listen, and then God raises up Nebuchadnezzar who himself conquers Assyria. He is the one who brings the judgment for the wickedness of Assyria on the Assyrians. But then he also brings Judah into captivity, ultimately, 10 years after 11 years, I guess it is after he takes the leaders like Daniel and young men and others captive back to Jerusalem or back to Babylon, he comes in and destroys Jerusalem. But then God makes it so that Daniel and his friends are able to interpret the dream and Nebuchadnezzar sets him up the highest in the kingdom, puts Daniel in charge of the whole province of Babylon where the Israelites are captive. So God arranged the captivity so that you have a faithful man of God actually in charge of them. It's crazy and remarkable and incredible. All of this in the context of idolatry and wicked kingdoms and and, you know, in Nebuchadnezzar's taught lessons again and again about who God really is. And he issues proclamations to worship the God of Daniel. So we see that pattern again and again. And then there's the pattern again with Cyrus and conquering Babylon and Nebuchadnezzar, his grandson, I guess it is the writings on the wall. And Cyrus would have gotten the prophecies of Jeremiah and Isaiah from Daniel that direct him to be bringing Israel back from captivity, rebuilding the temple. And then we get to Christmas time. That's where the wisemen would have come from, from Persia, and they would have had all the prophecies of God's. God does all this in the context of what we panic about as being vile, wicked nations.

Mark Banyard  9:33  
Yep. And so fast forward to now. And what we can say is that God hasn't changed. And so the same God still working in us and through us, through His church, but also working through people in the world, leaders in the world. So what's next?

Terry Somerville  9:55  
I think it's the same place, isn't it, they kingdom come, thy will be done. And but here's the here's the thing, I guess it's important to realize it's changed. Christ defeated the fallen angels and powers and principalities at the cross, that still operate. But, you know, you look at in Deuteronomy, where's it 32, or something, where when God divided up the nations of the earth at Babylon, he assigned His angels as sons of God, to oversee the nations, there was like a rebellion from those angels, they set themselves up as Gods over all the nations. And then Psalm 82, I think it is, is the judgment God hold Council in heaven. And there's the judgment issued against these angels, it's carried out in Christ the cross. So wherever the gospel from that point on gets preached, and people turn to Christ, then they're no longer bound or under the control of these angels, which had originally been assigned by God and set themselves up as gods for those nations. So all the nations of the earth had their gods and you know, the First Nations and everything, you always find all this happening everywhere. But where the Gospel comes, and people believe that Gods don't have any power, they've been disenfranchised by the cross, they are disempowered by the cross race. And so this is how the gospel spread through the centuries. And it's almost like what had to happen was the devil had to raise up something else to come in, massive persecution, there in the eight hundreds and on with Islam. But then a couple 100 years ago, it's almost I see it, like Satan said to himself, you know what, every place that people worship and hear the gospel, we can't hold on to them. So what we've got to do is get people to think there is no supernatural. And, and what's happened is, of course, the coming on the scene of evolution, and naturalism and humanism, and the culture we live in now, which is essentially anti supernatural, and totally naturalistic. That's the way that the devil has been able to insulate people from the power of the gospel because he's able to seduce the nations without being out in the open. And, and, except I think he's probably out in the open with people who are the highest leaders in the earth, likely there's, you know, likely, Satanist, and everything amongst them. But and then out of that, you get communism and communism spreading through the earth. So what we have now is, is this godless system really wanting to take over the whole earth, and the old, the nations that historically followed Christ have lost the context of the supernatural. You know, the kingdom of God and the supernatural. And this is what we're in the middle of right now. We, we think we pray, we act like it's all at the natural level, we don't realize what we're dealing with here is a massive deception that God says he'll remedy this. I don't know if that makes sense. All that turned out together. But

Mark Banyard  13:22  
yeah, it's good to have both an Old Testament and New Testament framework to understand what God's doing today. Let me ask you, do you have some understanding of how this applies, let's say specifically to Canada, for instance?

Terry Somerville  13:44  
I feel like God is saying to us and Canada and to the nations come back to me, you know, come back to me, leave off your sin leave off. You know, your the wicked things and come back to me and I'll welcome you back. We're not going back. Things will never be the same. What God's doing is new. I had this, I flipped, I had my book here. And where I wrote down a lot of the prophetic visions and things and I flipped. I saw this one here, August 7, this year, I was at church, and I had this vision during worship. And what I saw was this huge ship with many, many people on it, and many people on it, we're, we're, we're getting all kinds of information. I was trying to say, Lord, what is this and what the Lord showed me was the ship was Canada, and that secondly, what I saw was the people on the deck were in chaos. I was it was like, what was happening is I was watching this vision in front of me and asking God questions and he'd show me these things. And the people on the deck of this huge ship are in chaos. And the reason they were in chaos was the ship and the ship was Canada. The reason they were in chaos was the ship was hijacked. And that's what I was seeing. And now it was not going to its original destination, it was now going to the hijackers' destination, and why there was all chaos. But what the Lord started showing me was, well, we are worshipping and praising God, this was on our Sunday service. And that's where I was having the vision, right? Jesus came, and he came with his Marines. And these were angels. And that right now, there was a battle underway to take control of the helm. And finally, I saw Jesus get the helm of the ship. And I knew that he was now going to take us to a different destination. But strangely, what the Lord showed me was, it was going to be a third destination, not the original one that was the course of the ship, not the one for the hijackers. But now God, Jesus taking control of it, and a third destination. But what he was showing me was that we're right now in the fight, and that the praise and the worship and the seeking God and all of that is part of what has to happen. And through an others an upheaval and a battle and a victory gonna come, but it's going to be a fight that's going on right now. And then and that same worship time, it came to the last song. And during that song, I had an experience where I was my spirit, I was lifted up on my body, and I hovered, went up above the church, the vineyard church where I we're part of here, I went up out through the roof above the church for a few moments. And it was like, there was a great flow of the spirit, a great column of the Spirit of God and being empowered by the worship and praise going east from, we're on Vancouver Island. So going east, across the nation, right across the country. Like the spiritual atmosphere of the power of God was flowing out east in our praise and the worship that was actually changing some things in the spiritual atmosphere of the country. And you can't see it in there, right a little diagram I there's, there's what I was actually seeing, there's the church and I went up here and then I'm flowing through that flow there like that. And I think it's really you know, that's that's what the Lord is doing. Now, we there's so much in the unseen realm we don't see that's taking place but we stay close to Jesus all the way through this. And we're wise and understanding but there's also much wickedness, there's much much trouble, far far more corruption in high places in Government and Authorities than we can even imagine. Some of its being exposed right now. Much of it isn't yet. And but God, there's the Lord.

Mark Banyard  17:52  
So what has the Lord said to you specifically about 2023?

Terry Somerville  17:57  
I've had the sense that because well, I'll get to the economic in a minute. The medical situation and I've had the sense over and over again, that the there's a curse that's come on the medical system in Canada for a couple of reasons. One is the doctors who turned their back on their oath in order to carry out some of the mandates when many of them in their conscience knew they shouldn't do certain things, but they did anyway. And the same thing with government officials who were hiding information that needed to be there and treatments that were available that were suppressed and not allowed even try, all this kind of stuff but I felt like there was a curse came on this. And and that we're seeing some of that happen right now. And it's it's all of a sudden there's so much stuff going on with the medical situation and also has to do with all this push on on MAID, you know, medical assistance in dying. We're in our country bringing a curse down on our our medical system, and we need to pray for our doctors and pray for our government. And and I think prayers of repentance for the for the sin that's taken place there. That's one of the things that's been with me. Another one that's happened is that with the finances that are going on, right now that that well. It's like God is let me give a couple of things. One, like the Ukraine, for example. I had this word from the Lord when all this started happening is that the Lord was saying to me that Ukraine would be like an anvil, where God pounds out the nations. And then and, and I mean that's what's going on here and we're finding out of course the the huge corruption and things that have gone on around all that. But the more the nations pound out the the sanctions against Russia, the more than nations are in pain. And it's like they're caught in this thing they can't stop themselves from doing and it's bringing about a crushing blow to the west. And it really isn't affecting Russia that much there. And then the other thing that's happening people might not understand this is Russia has got just piles of oil and gas and food and green and all this stuff. They're not hurting at all from that. But nations that need the oil and gas are switching over to paying in rubles and gold. And and there's nations that are standing against the globalist called the BRICS nations Britain, Britain, Brazil, Russia, India, China, I think South Africa's in. Saudi Arabia just announced that they're gonna join it. But they're standing up against this whole thing. And now, here's the deal: if Saudi Arabia switches over in terms of selling oil and, and all of that, from the American dollar. And I think this is going to happen, the American dollar will collapse, because it will no longer be no longer be really held up as the world currency. And that brings me to another word that I felt God giving me was about America. Now, you know, I'm so tracking so differently than other prophetic voices on this stuff. But there's ruin coming. That that was the word I'd had, ruin, but not destruction. And that what I saw a vision of was God stretching out the nations and you take a nation, lay it down and stretch it out, like you know, you got a roll of fabric or some pull it out straight, and then get a tape measure out and measure the nation. He's measuring the righteousness of each nation and determining how he's going to handle that. What's he going to do? What's going to be the cut of the fabric? How's this? How is he? What's he going to make from this fabric? He cuts out, you know, in the nations. And so I think 2023 could be a very, very difficult year. I'm not sure how it affects us in Canada, it'll certainly affect us. But that's some of what I've been perceiving. I think the word again, is always turned back to the Lord, and repent and turn to God. I think also, we're seeing kind of a shift in the church. And since I talked to you last week, Mark, on Sunday, again, at worship, I'll have frequently have these crazy visions and revelations during worship. And we're worshiping the Lord. It's beautiful worship. And I'm up near the front, at the front. And suddenly I see this river of God flowing across the front of the where the platform is like this rushing River. And then I look to my right, and I see that the river is many tributaries all running together. Big and the thing that what had happened was I was noticing how for the last number of months the worship teams have been pulling out these older, great worship songs, especially with songs about Jesus and the cross and the blood and and. And the power of God is on them like crazy. And he's like older, I mean, maybe from the 90s, and sometimes 80s, and 2000s, and sometimes old classic ones, too, but not the more recent ones that we've been used to. And I think God, this is curious. Why, for the last number of months are we stirred up and singing these old songs. And I asked the worship leader, but and he said, it's just like God's on it. That's why he's been picking them. And and so anyway, when asked the Lord, I saw this river, but then I saw all these tributaries coming. And as I looked in that direction, I could see these tributaries going off to the mountains, and the mountains were the mountains of previous great revivals. And here's a mountain where the renewal had been, here's a mountain where Pentecostal outpouring had been, Azusa Street is a mountain, with Foursquare or vineyard or you know, denominational or other moves of God, the Great Awakening and, and different ones, but it was like God was saying it all the streams is not the nominations, it's the streams of outpourings of the Spirit are all flowing together. And that's what God's up to. And let me let me just go and make sure I didn't miss any of that I wrote it down here. 

Mark Banyard  25:14  
Sure. We'd like to hear it all.

Terry Somerville  25:20  
Oh, yes. And then at the end of it, what I saw was, this big river was now, I saw begin to cut down into the earth, and it was making a brand new channel. As the stream was flowing, this new channel began to form. And all of this is sort of unfolding in front of me, and I'm watching it. And I think, yeah, this is what the Lord's doing, you know, this is how the spirit's moving. And yeah, anyway,

Mark Banyard  25:50  
We know that when God shakes, he not only shakes the world, but he also shakes his house, he shakes his own people. And so with regard to the church, there are a couple of questions that God's put on my heart to ask people about this hard reset. And the first question is, what does a reset church look like? I'm not not sure I have the answer to that question myself. But the second question is, what does a reset leader look like?

Terry Somerville  26:24  
Yeah, that's interesting. I wrote I actually didn't look at this. I got God's reset written down. Well, if I can relate back the dream that I had there, about 30 years ago, about two great waves that were going to come and and myself and some other guys that I used to pray with, for revival, were standing around this car outside of a huge barn. This was in the dream. And we're praising God, playing some vineyard music on the tape on the cassette tape machines around this convertible. All of a sudden, from behind the barn where the river flows, this massive wave womps down on us in this dream. And we're standing there laughing and refreshed, and oh, wow, this is great. You know, after a while, there's like sand on us and everything and all this. But it was all clean. And I go to get the hose out of the barn or the the, the milk house at the end. And all of a sudden the voice of God says to me, the next wave that comes will be 100 times bigger than any wave that there's ever been. And I go what, and I look out the back window of the milk house. And I see the wall of water coming down the river that is blotting out the sky, and it's full of debris and garbage and filth. And it's just carrying everything with it. And wow. So I always wondered what that would be. And then when renewal came, the outpouring of renewal, I knew it. That's the first wave. That's what God was telling me was coming. 

Mark Banyard  27:53  
You're talking about the Toronto Blessing? 

Terry Somerville  27:55  
Toronto Blessing. Yeah, and the refreshing and it was all the things and we're standing around listening to vineyard music, which it was at that time and, and on and on. And then I always wondered what the second wave would have been. And when when COVID started I said there it is. That's the second filthy wave. And what we're watching is a massive upsurge in the filth, in the garbage and the wickedness and the perversion in our culture in our leaders in worldwide clandestine activity and everything else. And in the dream, this great wave comes, I yell to the guys take cover and I run into the barn. And when I get in the barn, what I see is this barn is not a functioning barn, it's whitewashed and cleaned out and spick and span and there's not a cow or manure or hay or anything in it. And I knew it was the the manmade structures that were devoid of the life of God, the manmade church structures and stuff devoid of the life of God. And I started realize I've made the wrong decision. God save me! I'm screaming to God to save me. In the next moment I'm up on kind of a hill or up in the air or something looking down on the whole scene and God had washed the whole works away and it was now green and beautiful. And the river was flowing along you know, sparkling water and everything else. So God's intention I understand this is in what is happening now is is not it's not going back to the way it was, is to wipe everything clean. And so that talks about the great reset. So that's what's interesting to me is you got guys like Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum, they coined the term about this great reset, because of what they intend to do in the earth. You'll own nothing and you'll be happy that way. And I feel like God is saying to us about his great reset, you'll own nothing because you'll have surrendered everything. You know, and and not that you don't have anything, it's that you've surrendered at all. This is the Lord's not mine, and he and the Lord is looking for the church that is completely surrendered to Him. There is no mine about it anymore, even our gifts and our ministries while yes, I'm sort of a minister that, you know, I have stewardship of the things God's given me. Yes. But you know, everything is the Lord's. The second thing is, if you'll if you, and I think that it's interesting, Klaus Schwab and these guys without realizing it are speaking, I call them secular prophets. In other words, without realizing it, they they speak things that God's speaking already but they mean at first, their own selfish ends.

Mark Banyard  30:42  
If God can speak through Balaam's ass, he could speak through anybody.

Terry Somerville  30:45  
Yeah, or Balaam for that matter. And, but they talk a lot about building a new social contract. And God's wanting to have and bring about a new social contract, so to speak of the church who we are as church, who are we as believers. What's our relationship about? We have been a church that is structured around church organization, that's how we've operated all my life. You know, that's how we think about it. And I think the Lord's gonna do away with that, not that we wouldn't have organization because organization. So what happens right now is, is by and large, the church church serves the organization, rather than the organization being a useful tool that we use, we end up unwittingly serving it. I know, as a pastor over the years, that was my frustration. I was absolutely did not want to be captive to this thing that seemed to have its own power and agenda that wasn't God. And because it, you know, at all costs, you had to maintain the organization and how it ran. And

Mark Banyard  31:57  
you might say it was the tail wagging the dog. 

Terry Somerville  32:01  
Yeah. So I see that third thing I see is, again, I'm just echoing the stuff they're talking about is about integrating the global stakeholders of society, God wants to integrate his church into a functioning cohesive unit, I guess that's like those streams I was seeing with the worship. We're still it doesn't mean we come under one giant organization or something like that, but what it means is, there are all kinds of streams and things, that all are meant to intertwine and flow together, that we've never experienced, that I think that the Lord's bringing and will bring that about somehow. And you know, they talk a lot about the change of the mindset. It's like a change of mindset, who are we. And one of the things that I really picked up on in the last year or two is being friends of God. Not, we're not just children of God, we're not just sons and daughters of God. And, you know, ministers and all that, but friends of God, and there are a couple places in the New Testament it talks about Jesus said to the apostles, I no longer call you servants, but I call you friends, because servants don't know what the master is doing. But friends do. And then in Romans, Paul says, Therefore friendship with God has been restored through the sacrifice of Christ. So friendship with God, it seems to me is a real key, there's a there's a shift, I think, coming in the characteristics of being a believer, it's not that it hasn't been here before. But we tend to think in terms of even spiritual power and spiritual ministry and everything else. Like for me, and, you know, now that now that I'm a senior citizen, officially, I think in my latter years about, you know, what, I really want to be a friend of God. And what is that about? It's about a relationship you have with the Lord that is not based on what you're doing or what you're calling or whatever the thing is, is it's based on you just want to be with him and hear his heart and know what he likes and doesn't like and converse, you know. Think about that Abraham's called a friend of God and you think what what would that be like? And start praying so I've been pursuing that and and it's very interesting hearing the Holy Spirit speak things that are on the heart of God to me that haven't got anything to do with ministry. I was I was in the night got up to throw another log on our woodfire the other night and just sat there and spent time with the Lord and and started saying, what what do you what do you think about Christmas. And God started talking to me, the Holy Spirit started saying, I really like it when they sing Christmas carols to me. And I like it when my people celebrate and have a feast and all of this, and you think, wow, yes, that's what he's like, you know. That's the wonder. And so I think he wants us to rediscover that. And I see it's such a such a shift of some kind is coming for the church. Same but different, you know, it's like, not like what we've had before. And I think there'll be a time of transition and time of mixing and the time of, you know, the olds there, the new's coming in, and it's all of that probably all the usual misunderstandings and mess around revival and who knows?

Mark Banyard  35:43  
Terry, you've spoken about not owning anything, this whole issue of ownership, and we continue to be stewards. But we're totally giving to God, releasing back to God, anything that we've claimed that we've owned. Don't you think in order for us to do that, that we need to come to a new place of surrender?

Terry Somerville  36:09  
Yeah, I agree with you. I think, you know, it's interesting, because all during this pandemic, I would constantly hear from Christians that are talking about fighting for their rights and are afraid and I know we have rights as Canadians and all that, but my rights, my freedom, my this my that, you know, and it was always the focus on our rights. And I would say to them, You gave up your rights when you became a Christian, your rights belong to Jesus, they don't belong to you anymore. And Jesus is the one who will defend your rights if you let him. But if you're determined to take it back out of his hands, he won't defend you. He can't defend you because he took it away. And and I think that's part of the experience that we're going through is, again, there's this measure the stretching out in this measuring thing. What are you really about, you know, who is really Lord of your life, who's really in charge of things. I've looked a lot recently at studying up on the sovereignty of God. I don't know, I might be leaning more and more towards Calvinism than I ever was. I never expected that. But as I've read some things I've been quite amazed by, hang on my cameras flying right here. I've been quite amazed by some of the fantastic teachings about the providence of God and how he works in our life. And and I just started to see Oh, my goodness, it's so huge in the Bible, and huge in, in, you know, in our experience, that if we would be open to it. We'll see the hand of God. I think I saw I see his hand of mercy. I hear his voice of cheer. And just the time I need him, he's always near you know. And All right, everybody now yeah, you know, well, that's the other thing that's been happening, I will get this I'll be on the radios I'm not sure. And all of a sudden, I got this song coming out of me. And it fits the thing you know, and I'll just sing it on the air or whatever. And and the sovereignty of God, do you believe your life really is in his hands? Do you believe he really is the Lord? Yes, he didn't just create the universe and wind it up like a watch and walk away. If we understand from Colossians and other places who Christ is, it says he's the upholder and sustainer of all things. He's actually sustaining the fabric of the universe the very fabric of the cosmic creation and the atoms the the the on the cosmic forces that are not understood they know exist, that hold together, the atoms from flying apart, Christ is holding things together. Do you really believe that he's able to work all things together for good for those that love the Lord, and and so we're put on? We're being stretched out and measured?

Mark Banyard  39:17  
Yeah, that's true. What greater Surrender means to me is that it speaks of God who is really aligning our hearts and our minds with him, bringing us to a place he wants us to be right. One of the things I've felt as I've been praying is that God's power is about to increase through surrender. What I mean by that is that our sense of his power will increase. God's power is the same all the time. He's all powerful. But when we are more surrendered, or rather fully surrendered, we have a sense all of a sudden that his his power is greater has increased in our lives when in fact What's happened is that we are kind of we've gotten out of the way so that God can flow through us without any hindrance. So let's talk about this with regard to revival because I I know that's really on your heart

Terry Somerville  40:15  
I guess you know, revival has always been about surrender  and the yielding to the Lord and leaving off of ourself and selfishness and sin and that sort of thing. It's always been about it's always been about holiness. Holiness has always been part of the revival. You know, people don't now and they don't even today in church anymore. don't realize that these outpourings of the Holy Spirit like Azusa Street, the preachers were preaching holiness unto the Lord, that the cleansing power of the Lord and total surrender to God, and into that the God was pouring his new wine into the new vessels, you know, and I think we're gonna see some of that the God is preparing us to be the new wineskins there's a new wineskin coming along. That's wow, what he wants to do is amazing. But revival always, always had the preaching of the cross, and the preaching of surrender and leaving off of sin, and then the welcoming of the work of the Holy Spirit in total yielded in us and then God would just do stuff. And I mean, you were there, right at the very start of the Toronto Blessing with Randy Clark. I'd be interested to hear from you. What did you see happen in the heart of the people at the moment when all this broke loose? What was what was the heart. I know there been some preparations, God sovereignly use John Arnott to prepare the fields so to speak. But you know, the part of the old and this one I've always grieved about was the we don't realize it. But there's been so much idolatry around the church, the spirit-filled church because we idolized, you know, success and power and numbers and notoriety and all these things that might come with a move of God. But we ended up idolizing them. And in just like the Old Testament days, they made idols out of the things God blessed them with. And I think part of that is God wants to, you know, deal with that and do away with it. But what how it looks? I mean, like you said, it's a new wineskin until we have it we don't know. But one of the things I've got to just echo your comments about the early days of the Toronto Blessing is right now we're experiencing and I think probably other places are the same atmosphere. I've commented on that at our church many times, it's, it's here, the, the presence outworking in God's hands, like the atmosphere is crackling with his presence. It's like, you know, for me, I can it's like, all of a sudden, I've just, I just look over a wall and I'm having visions and revelations of the Lord. And and it's very easy in that atmosphere for you know, guys like me to step over into the prophetic things. And, but it's so on. And yet we're kind of going, Okay,  I'm saying, Lord, let it break out, let it break out and it's sort of not yet. But what's happening and how's it going to break out? I'm not sure. But definitely the Lord is powerfully there.

Mark Banyard  43:45  

Terry Somerville  43:46  
And it's, it's almost like the fire is burning, but the wood isn't quite, you know, all of a sudden, the wood will go boom.

Mark Banyard  43:55  
Yeah, that's right. Well, that's exactly right. It's that we have a sense that something's going to happen. But but we don't know. Because he hasn't told us yet. But we do have that sense, don't we? And it's and it's really worth waiting for.

Terry Somerville  44:09  
But it seems to seems to be, though, at least the message I keep getting is it's like God's cleaning things out. You know, and it's about total dedication to the Lord and surrender to the Lord. That's, that's, it's not, it's not going back

Mark Banyard  44:26  
No, no, not at all. No, in fact, when we talk about going to nations and to places that we've gone historically in our ministry, even now, we're saying we're going forward to them rather, rather than going back to them. 

Terry Somerville  44:43  
Yeah, I agree with that. It's interesting. It was weird, you know, a year before COVID came. And I had been doing some traveling too not like not as intense as you did, where you'd go away and stay away some places but I would travel fairly regularly and speak in other nations. And then the Lord spoke to me, I want you, you know, don't go anywhere. Don't take any more invitations. Stay home. And I did. And also just felt it was time I had a side business where I did handyman renovations and then ran the radio station, we didn't have the finances for the radio station, I would run the business and all that. Well, and when I was home, and everything, and I felt I'm supposed to shut the business down, and I shut the business down. And then the finances for the station just took off. And then the fall of 2019, I was at a ministers pastors meeting, here in Campbell River. And the Lord gave me a clear prophecy warning about what was coming in. Now, I didn't know about COVID. But you know, what was coming was going to be fearful, it is going to be a time. But this is an opportunity, you know, to walk with God and all this. And it was it was a pretty clear description of getting things right, because what was coming down the pipe was going to be a nasty time. And then it landed on us that winter. I think again, it came back to that theme that he's letting us know ahead of time, what he's up to, even if we can't clearly describe what it's all going to look like. And, you know, maybe God will reveal some of that. But he hasn't, to me at least. And but I do know, he's after us. He's after our heart he's after. And it's not like a like deeper devotion, deeper devotion, those kind of stuff. It's a friendship thing I keep coming back to it's that kind of devotion. He wants us to love and to be devoted to him like a friend with a friend. Not not even a student with a teacher, even though he is our teacher, not even a father with a son, even though He is father. But he wants, there's a quality about what's coming. That's so beautiful.

Mark Banyard  47:23  
Terry, we are just about out of time for our show today. I'm just wondering if there are any final thoughts that you would really like to share with us?

Terry Somerville  47:35  
I don't know. I'm being surprised all the way along. I think God is doing so much. We asked him to open our eyes. You know, if we look out into the world, and we see all the issues and and debates and problems and all of that we're missing what God's up to. He's working in the middle of it. And there's so many things you can so many things where you can see he's working. If you just take the time with the Lord, and you go, Oh my goodness, look at that. One of the stories I think I shared with you last time was China, you know, and in the midst of all the lockdown and shut down China had the perfect opportunity to more or less run over all the economies of the earth with its own massive economy. And instead suddenly, Xi, the Chinese decides a zero COVID policy crazy idea. Just lock her all down and missed his opportunity. And you go well, why would he do that? God was in it. You know, God. And you just keep I keep seeing things like that I'm going, that's got to be the hand of God. God in I've got dozens of those sorts of things that I'm going, I think, I think I just saw the hand of God, I think and then you pray into it, and then you find out. Maybe God has answered my prayer. You know, so we're not we're not without hope. We see God we're to pray for the nations, we're to pray for his power to come. I think that it's pretty clear in the Bible that that the Lord will relent His judgments, unless it's really come to a final place, in the judgments of the Lord. There's a phrase that I liked, I don't know where it is, but it says the judgments of the Lord are in the earth. And that's what's going on right now. And then, it says, When the judgments of the Lord are in the earth, the people learn righteousness. So the point of God using judgments and chastisement is that people learn righteousness, that they turn around they go, Okay, wait a minute, I've got to swing back to God, you know, and you read some history. You read back in the plagues and different things like this and you find out during those years, people began to turn back to God. They're saying, This must be something that, you know, we need to see God, we need to find his favor. And who knows what's happening in the midst of all that were going on. He has a plan.

Mark Banyard  50:17  
Amen. Terry, before we go, could I ask you to pray? And pray as the Lord leads you, of course. And for what's ahead for us in 2023.

Terry Somerville  50:30  
Yeah. Father in heaven, thank you for this time with Mark right now. I just feel the abundant grace of Jesus is available for those that are listening to this right now to say over you, and pray over you abundant grace from God come into your life, in the name of Jesus, you're lacking for nothing, except you're looking in the wrong place. I feel like this is what God is saying, look in the right place, and you'll see my abundance, and it will become clear watch and see what I'll do, I'll open up the windows of heaven, I would want to pour out a blessing. But he says, I am cutting off other kinds of supplies on the earth right now. He says My judgment is at hand on wicked systems and wicked men that have used the systems to rob the people of the earth. He says, My judgment is at hand on these things. So you have a choice, for like God's saying, You have a choice. come my way, come close to me. Let's walk together. And Father, I'm praying right now for people listening to my voice that in them, the Holy Spirit rises up and they say, Yes, Lord, I want to walk with you. Yes, Lord, I want to know you intimately. Yes, Lord, I want to be your friend. And I want to disconnect from the worry and the fear and the anxiety of the world to become a strong member of the household of God and we're in the household of God while we walk on this planet Earth. Thank you, Lord for it. In Jesus name, amen.

Mark Banyard  52:03  
Amen. Amen. What a great word. Well, thank you, Terry. God bless you. We're delighted to have you on the show today again, and we look forward to talking to you next time. Next year. God bless.

And that's our show for today. Thanks for listening. We hope you enjoyed this episode of Kingdom talk. You can find all the notes and links for today's show at our website, WW dot Kingdom advance forward slash podcast. And once again, if you enjoyed our show, be sure to subscribe so that you won't miss any of our upcoming episodes. Bye for now, and may God bless

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