Kingdom Talk!

Kingdom Talk! with Jennifer Gracey

February 28, 2023 Season 3 Episode 2
Kingdom Talk!
Kingdom Talk! with Jennifer Gracey
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My guest today is Jennifer Gracey. Born and raised in Alaska, Jennifer spent over two decades on the mission field in Asia and Europe. She's traveled extensively as a Kingdom Lobbyist & Ambassador advocating for the Global End of the Age Prayer, Worship & Missions movements.

Functioning in the apostolic & prophetic as a reformer and transformer, she's a fire starter and disruptor of the status quo. Her zeal for calling His people to come up higher and SEE what the Father is doing is relentless. Her passion for His cause is unyielding!

Jennifer Gracey:

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What has changed with the prophetic?
So many voices! Which one is God's?
What does going forward look like?
What is your understanding of the prophetic today and in the future?
Closing prayer.